Sweet sleep

I am thankful for sleep. I am thankful for my wonderful bed and my nice soft sheets.

I am thankful for all the times that Kate did not throw up today.

I am thankful that not every month is October–a crazy travel month for my husband.

Reflections–last day! Hurrah

I am thankful that today was the last day for Reflections entries! Running this program is so much work. I am excited (and thankful!) that more students entered this year than last year. There are several projects that look good. I hope the students, or at least some of them, are getting something out of it. I think Reflections is valuable, but motivating these kids can be hard. Amelia almost didn’t enter, which was absolutely driving me crazy. The big volunteer thing I do for her school and she didn’t participate?! But then she threw three projects together at the last minute. I was relieved, because I had almost felt like she was disrespecting me (not quite the right term) before. However, I was a little disappointed because I felt she could have done a much better project if she’d spent more time on it.

It is very, very difficult for me not to be a mother who overmanages everything.

Having a husband who is great at excel is great. The only thing that would be better would be if I were really good at excel!

WFMW: Containerizing and Labeling

What one thing has made my house cleaner and more organized than anything else I’ve tried?Containerizing everything. It makes a huge difference. I guess it works because it’s part of having a place for everything and everything having a place. Anyway, although containerizing has been great, those nice big plastic rubbermaid type boxes have stumped me. They are great, but you need to label them so you know what you have and where it is. The problem is, almost nothing sticks to those plastic boxes. If you find something that sticks, the adhesive is so permanent that relabeling is difficult. (I like my boxes to look neat, that’s the whole point of containerizing!)

Fortunately, I found a labeling solution:

  1. Go to the office supply store. a) Purchase clear sleeves for business cards, the ones that have adhesive on one side. b) Purchase blank business cards . I like to use ones that I can put in my printer, but you could write your labels out by hand, if you prefer.
  2. a) Mount the adhesive side of the business card holder to your plastic box. b) Make a label out of a business card and slide it into the sleeve.

Voila! Now you can have nice, neat, beautiful labels, and you can switch them out whenever needed. Most word processing programs have a template for making business cards, so that makes it east to see what font will fit, etc. For more Works-For-Me-Wednesday posts please visit Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer.

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Today’s Gratitude:10-22-07

I am thankful that my sister was willing to come and help with Amelia’s Kool Klay project. (BTW: Koolaid does color playdough pleasingly, but the scent is not as strong as would be desirable). Her help made all the difference. It is funny to see how amazing Amelia thinks Sis is. I guess that’s related to the fact that she got all the talents I lack. Of course, as she explained to Amelia, she can sew because she took lessons. She can do origami because she works at it. She kneads well, because she has made hundreds of loaves of bread, etc. I know that I need to adopt more of a “You have the talent for it because you practice it mentality,” but I’m just not there yet. Notice that I heft 18 lb. Kate around all day. Yet, Sis, who does nothing of the sort, has unquestionably stronger arms. Practice doesn’t fix everything!

I am thankful that I am not the only person with “issues.” : ) I find it comforting to realize that my family of origin family members struggle with many of the same flaws that I do. It is comforting, because I realize that it is not just me, eccentric and alone, but somehow some of these things are just hardwired in. Now this isn’t to say that I have reason not to attempt change. Change would make me a calmer, happier person. So, I want change. But it is to realize that just as some are born as alcoholics, others are born as meddling OC control freaks (well, born, or maybe raised that way so that when they are 35, they struggle to see other ways). If I work, I can recover. ButI still I like knowing that it’s not just some weird evil awful eccentricity about me. I come by it quite naturally. Also, I find it helpful to spend time with similarly struggling family members, because it’s as though they hold up a mirror to myself and I can see better what it is I need to fix.

I hope all of this makes sense. I’m not trying to disparage family members, I’m trying to say that they make me feel that I’m not alone, and help me recognize how I still need to change.

I want to say more about how I’m thankful for Pdad and I’m thankful for being able to reason through things–we’ve been going over the voucher issue for hours–as things stand, our votes will cancel. It’s frustrating, but it’s nice too. It’s seldom the case that you get to follow out such an extended argument. I’ve enjoyed it. But I do wish I could sway him. I don’t like people I love believing things I think are wrong! I still don’t believe we’ve gotten down to the agree-to-disagree bottom of it. I still have more reasons, not just some inexplicable preference for my position.

Well, Kate is stirring, and it’s 3 a.m., so I have to go.

Zion with a side of Broccoli

Okay, don’t try to tell me that our National Parks aren’t pretty. Or that point & shoot digital cameras don’t rock. People like me who know nothing can take nice pictures! Last, but not least of all, don’t try to tell me that broccoli aren’t little trees.

Today’s gratitude: 10-20-07

I am thankful that Duncan is growing into such a helpful boy. It is so easy to focus on the negative. That’s what I excel at. Sometimes I don’t see all the obedient, helpful things he does because I am so focused on how disobedient he is.

Two examples of Duncan’s helpfulness: I was visiting a friend without children Duncan’s age. Her (older) daughter brought up a box of toys from the basement. Duncan played quietly and didn’t interrupt during our almost hour long visit. When I went to go, my friend said to Duncan,”Oh, did you clean up all those toys yourself?” Sure enough, he had put all the toys back into the box and put the lid back on. The boy knows how to clean up after himself!

#2 Today Duncan was trying to get my attention. He wanted to play a game. I suggested he hunt for treasure in the car. (The van was still full of all sorts of junk leftover from our vacation). To my surprise, he gleefully, joyfully brought out three bags of “treasure” from the van.

He is a sweet boy. I love my little son.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Okay, it is seriously disappointing to fall off the bandwagon on a new resolution so quickly. However, I will repent. On this sort of thing, I think it best just to do well going forward rather than trying to make things up, but this is a post-dated Today’s Gratitude post:

I am so thankful for my home. I am thankful to be home. I am thankful for the world’s most comfy bed and that that bed is mine! I am thankful that no one broke in to our home while we were gone. I am thankful that no pipes froze. I am thankful that our washing machine is operational (Pdad turned off the water before we left and forgot to tell me. I tried to attack the laundry mountain and nothing happened. I started seeing visions of $$$ in my head. Boy, was I relieved to discover what he had done.)

Another post-dated trip gratitude post:

I am thankful that I did not throw up.

I am thankful that Kate threw up only once (although when she did, she got me good!)

I am thankful that Pdad threw up only once (he didn’t get me–but that is always a terrible sound to hear at 5 a.m.) That poor guy has vacation-induced illness every time.

Now let’s just hope that the fact that both of them threw up means that this isn’t some horrible food allergy or blockage on Kate’s part. If this turns out to be simply the flu (as I now suspect) then I am thankful for that. She vomited repeatedly last week. I ended up putting her back on breastmilk almost entirely for the remainder of our trip, just to be safe. I have got to get the girl on solids, or I will . . . I don’t know. Eat a cow. Many cows! She is making me hungry!

Hey, a new topic for Today’s gratitude and this one isn’t post-dated! Happy 8 months, Kate! I am so thankful you made it here safely. I am so thankful for you. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father and Pdad encouraged me to make it three. I probably wouldn’t have done it on my own, but I’m so glad I did. I love you baby!

Another post-dated trip gratitude post:

I am thankful that those buffalo showed up! I had read that where we were staying there would be buffalo. Amelia was not amused when she did not see any buffalo as promised. I’m sure that learning to cope with disappointment would have been good as well, but I was happy to see those guys show up.

I am thankful for the beauty of the earth. One thing that a trip to Disneyland can’t offer is a reminder of the grandeur that our Heavenly Father has given us. What a beautiful world! I tend to be a very indoorish sort of person, but I felt a real reverence for his creations on this trip–canyon as cathedral–or something like that. I was able to realize how small, how very insignificant I am (Doesn’t Abraham say something about that like, “Man is nothing, which I had never before supposed? I need to look it up, but I also need to go to bed!), and how fleeting this life is, and feel wonder that he cares for me at the very same time.

Back on the wagon! See you tomorrow!