Electronics: Canon Power Adapter Woes

Last year I bought Pdad a video camera right after Christmas. We used it a little, but then we lost the power cord. I kept thinking it would show up. It never did. Then, for several months, I kept thinking I should order a new one, but I never got around to it. Well, we have had two birthdays in the past couple of weeks and Kate is taking her first steps, so now I’m wishing we had a working camcorder. So, today I finally got around to calling Canon and asking about ordering a new power cord. They said it would be $125 to replace it (and I don’t think that even includes shipping and handling)! I was in shock. I repeated it several times. “Yes, $125.”

Needless to say, I didn’t buy it. I noticed that on Amazon my model of camcorder is currently selling for about $150 (since it’s been a year, it’s slightly obsolete).

I am trying to figure out where else I could order it from or where I could get a used one. Anyway, isn’t that amazing? I mean I imagined I would have to pay outlandishly for it, but I wasn’t thinking more than half the price of the camera.

Duncan’s Vacation Wisdom

So, Pdad and I were discussing if/where/when to go on vacation.

Duncan (overhearing) said: “I want to go back to Zion [National Park]! I want to go back to Zion! I want to go back to Zion!”

Pmom: “Well, maybe we should consider going back. Everyone liked it and Duncan has mentioned it several times.”

Pdad: “Duncan, what did you like about Zion so much? Was it the hikes we went on?”

Duncan: “I liked the things that were all lit up in the dark!”

Pdad: “Ohhh, yes. The stars were amazing weren’t they? We won’t forget that.”

Pmom: “Is Duncan talking about the stars we saw or is he describing the glow sticks we played with in our hotel room?

Duncan: “Yes! The glow sticks!”

Parents: “What else did you like?”

Duncan: “We went out to eat!”

Coming soon to a backyard near you: $5 worth of glow sticks, a quick trip to Burger King, and many vacation $$$ saved.

Duncan: Sophisticated? Definitely Not!

Duncan is having a dog-themed birthday party on Saturday. Just now, he noticed me leafing through the Baker’s Catalogue, and spied an elegant dark chocolate bundt cake with a glossy deep chocolate glaze. He asked me if I would make him that for his birthday. I said, “Well . . . I was going to make you a pawprint cake to go along with the dog theme, remember?”

He thought for a second, and then his whole face brightened. With a cherubic smile (and with no sense that he was about to say something disgusting) he said, “We could tell them that it was dog poop!” I guess his longing for elegant cakes is not the marker of the sophisticated young gentleman I momentarily (nanosecond) thought he was.