General Conference

In October, Amelia and I were able to do something I have wanted to do for years. We attended the General Conference of my church . Pdad kindly stayed home with the littles. General Conference comes two weekends a year. I look forward to it because our prophet (as well as other Church leaders) speaks and gives us counsel and encouragement for the year ahead. Since it is a conference for the entire Church, in addition to everyone who listens via TV, radio, internet, and satellite broadcast, thousands and thousands of people gather in Salt Lake City. I had never attended in person, but had always wanted to, and this year Amelia was old enough so we were able to make the trek. I don’t think we’ll do it very often–after waiting for a couple of hours to get in, sitting in a nice warm comfortable seat in the Conference Center didn’t enhance my ability to pay attention. I do better at home.

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