Domestic Terrorist Attack

Incident Report

Friday: A terrorist, believed to be acting alone, scored a direct hit on a high value target this morning. An experienced Homeland Security agent was present and monitoring the facilities but unable to avert the stealth attack. Preliminary investigations suggest it was likely the work of a homegrown threat rather than Islamic extremism.

Date of incident: 10:46 a.m., 03-27-2009
Weapon: H20 filled flotation device repurposed as projectile
Current disposition of high value target: inoperational
Final status: unknown
Outlook: Grave. The high value equipment targeted is essential to homeland sanity.

High Value Target: Inoperational

High Value Target: Inoperational

Suspect currently in custody.
Languages spoken
Babblelonian: fluent
English: few words
Weight: 30 lbs
Height: 34 inches
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue

Suspect in Custody

Suspect in Custody

Friends Remembered

I have been remembering two friends recently. They aren’t deceased—both are my age, and as far as I know, alive and well. However because we haven’t connected electronically—neither has joined Facebook, become a blogger, or visited here that I’m aware—on a day to day basis apart from the biennial or worse Christmas letter reunions—it is as though they are gone.

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New Year’s Observation

It is much easier to find a parking spot at the fitness center in March than in January.*

*I do not make this observation from the vantage of the smug self-righteous exerciser. My children could, but I can’t. On the other hand, do you think chasing Kate might count as an aerobic workout? How about weightlifting? Do I get credit for that?

Sale on Hummingbird Mint!

This is a great plant

Ava's Hummingbird Mint (Agastache)

The other day, I posted about my favorite plants. One of the plants I mentioned, Ava’s Hummingbird Mint (agastache), is discouragingly expensive. It is on sale this week at High Country Gardens* (the only place where you can buy it). It is still expensive, but every little bit helps!

*I am not affiliated with High Country Gardens in any way, except that: 1) I have spent too much money there and 2) I have greatly benefited from their wonderful website, their beautiful catalog, and their good advice about waterwise gardening.

My 8 Favorite Plants So Far

One of the joys of becoming a homeowner has been to find my mailbox overflowing with gardening circulars. Apparently, if you buy a plant or a packet of seeds from one company, you end up on the mailing list of them all. And then in late winter, when it is still cold and gray, the beautiful catalogs selling the promise of things to come start pouring in.

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Who Is Pmom?



Who is Pmom and what does “Pmom” stand for? The answer to this may be something for me to know and you to wonder,* but in the interest of disambiguation, I offer the following helpful list of what/who Pmom is not:

If you’ve been paying attention it should be obvious–naming myself Pmom had no reference whatsoever to the PlayMate of the Month sort of Pmom. (Yes, I was chagrined to learn this acronym just the other day. Bummer. Moral: Always google your prospective online identity before adopting it.)

Pmom is also not: Parallel Methods of Moments, nor Peninsula Mothers of Multiples, nor a Performance Management Operations Manual, nor a Philip Morris Put Option. And, although these look like nice people, Pmom can’t claim the identity of either this random blogger or this MySpace user.

*See also my About Me page