About Me

Basic facts: I go by Pmom. I live in the Western U.S.  Pdad and I have been married for 14 years and we have 3 children. I call them Amelia (age 12), Duncan (7) and Kate (4). I earned a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Notre DameContact me via e-mail at ChocolateandGarlicatgeemail.com [spell gmail the conventional way].

Duncan, Amelia and Kate in 2007

At this moment, I have chosen to be a mom at home, so consequently my interests are mostly domestic most of the time. Obviously, I like blogging. I also love to cook, although I still have a lot to learn. My favorite things to cook are pasta (all sorts) and dessert (homemade ice cream is a specialty–Pdad gave me a machine with a built-in compressor as a graduation gift). I also enjoy gardening.  Because of my location, I am particularly interested in waterwise gardening.

Faith: My faith is a big part of my life and it explains most of the important choices I’ve made. I wish it explained more of my behavior (too often I’m irritable or unkind), but I am a work in progress. I belong to  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormons).



Plans for this blog:
In this blog, I plan to write about everything and anything that interests me. They say that to have a popular blog you need to adopt a clearly defined identity and blog about one thing. Although I wouldn’t mind having thousands of readers, restricting myself to writing about just cooking, or just gardening, or just politics, or just religion, or just my kids doesn’t interest me.

Reviews: One thing I hope to be doing a lot of in this blog are reviews. I really enjoy the Consumer Reports and Cook’s Illustrated style of analysis. I am a mom in the trenches. There are a lot of products that aren’t worth buying and there are a few that are worth every penny. I am excited to tell you what I think and hear your thoughts as well. When I review something that I did not buy or pay for, I will disclose this.

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