Beware coincidence!

Netizens beware: It is a small world after all.  The strangest thing happened to me this morning.  As is my (bad) habit, I was doing some early-morning blog reading when I came across a truly startling photo.  My friend related that her family had seen a rainbow while on a drive.  She pointed out the left side and then asked where the other side had gone.  Her husband humorously replied, “Oh, you always think there’s two sides to every rainbow.”   Funny, huh?  Well, not nearly so funny to me as the photo she posted to illustrate the reported conversation.  There was a photo of a rainbow ending at . . . my house?!!! 

To understand why this is bizarre, you need to know that although we both now live in Utah County, I haven’t visited her home since she lived in Berkeley, CA  about a decade ago!  I don’t think she has ever been to my home either here or in Berkeley.  Apparently, she snapped the photo because she loves rainbows, but she had no idea that it was my home.  So,  we are Facebook and e-mail friends, yes, live at most a  few miles from each other, yes, but real-life house visiting friends? well–not yet.  (I’m  not opposed.  I’m  a regular reader of My Imaginary Blog because her children are beautiful, charming, and witty.  Not to mention Zina herself). 

So, er, if you are going to post pictures of someone else’s house, car, child etc., I recommend including with it a rainbow , a unicorn, or a puppy dog, NOT  disparaging remarks, because you know, it is a small world after all.

Our Star, Amelia

Super Student Graphic
Amelia has been working on something exciting this summer.  She has always loved acting and storytelling, but hadn’t had much formal experience before.  That is all about to change: Next Wednesday (June 30 at 6 p.m.) and Friday (July 2 at 5 p.m.) she will be performing in Super Student and the Case of the Water Pistol  at the Noorda Theatre at Utah Valley University.  While the play is hardly Shakespeare, children should find it highly amusing.  It will be a great production: they’ re going the whole nine yards with makeup and costumes, and even a professional set designer.  If you would like tickets, they are available at .  Be sure to come on Wednesday or Friday, because that’s when Amelia will perform.  


Our Star, Amelia

I am thrilled for Amelia, because this is an opportunity to do something she has always wanted to do.  I am impressed with how much time the whole cast has put into the production.  They have been rehearsing every afternoon for at least  three hours and taking acting classes many mornings besides.  I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

My big little boy

Duncan missing tooth


My little boy is so big. He will be six in less than six weeks. I’m not ready. He is so excited to get older, to grow up, but I miss the sweet, obedient little boy he was before. I know that there is a lot to look forward to in an older child–Amelia has taught me that–but I also know that there is a younger child who will soon mostly be present only in pictures. (Note to self: Take more pictures!) I will miss him.

Duncan and I had a rollercoaster day today. We had a wonderful morning enjoying one of our favorite shared tasks: searching through piles of cookbooks in hopes of finding the perfect recipe. (Duncan is the only person I know who likes to look at cookbooks as much as I do). Duncan’s criterion was chocolate, mine was chewy. Finally, we found the January 2009 Cook’s Illustrated recipe for Chewy Chocolate cookies. We made them together and they surpassed our hopes: They were indeed chocolatey and truly chewy! A recipe breakthrough.

The afternoon brought an ugly metamorphosis. Duncan was so badly behaved–screaming, crying, carrying-on. It was frustrating after our nice morning. This wasn’t a day that warranted me turning inward and saying I must pay him more attention. He was badly behaved for no reason at all.

Duncan so happy to have lost first toothFortunately, by evening, he was a happy little fellow again, entertaining himself and playing with Kate, glorying in the role of wonderful big brother. He does it so well! Then he exulted in the loss of his first tooth, giddy at the milestone met. Growing up can’t come fast enough for him. I just wanted to hug him tight and say, “Don’t leave me! I’ll miss you.” I did say something about not letting him get any older, and he just laughed and laughed. Silly mama.

The Art Camp Collection

I did something I thought was really cool with Duncan (age 5) this week.  [I'm usually not very good at doing "really cool" things with my kids.  I love to read books with Duncan, but that's the highpoint.  Aside from reading, I have to recommit myself again and again and again to give him the attention he needs.  Because Duncan is our middle child, lack of sufficient attention is a perpetual problem.]

But I did something good this week.  Our city has hosted a wonderful weekly art camp program the past two summers.  Duncan thrives on it.  I’m not sure that it’s because he has artistic talent; I think it might be more because he thrives on the excellent teacher student ratio.  However, even if he may be a little short on some types of artistic talent, there is no gainsaying the fact that he is extremely creative.  When I saw the Walter Wick exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art, I finally understood what shape his sort of talent might take.

Anyway, Art Camp ended last week, and we were left with a big pile of artwork.  We can’t possibly keep all the artwork Duncan generates, but it seemed heartless and wrong just to throw it in the trash.  So we transformed his bedroom into a museum and had the first ever Duncan Pfamily: The Art Camp Collection exhibition.  Family and friends visited.  In fact, after learning that it was for sale, some of the neighborhood children carried away about 1/4 of the artwork on display.  Now possessing 10 or so quarters, Duncan believes himself to be a very successful artist indeed.  I think so too.