Wig Shops–Orem, Sandy, Salt Lake

Regular subscribers: My apologies for what is doubtless a boring topic for you.  I wrote this up mostly for myself and also for any possible hapless internet searchers.  Just skip to the next post in your reader.  Thanks!

Diane’s Wig Shop–Orem. Small shop, but they’ve fit a lot of wigs in there! They carry mostly Jon Renau, Raquel Welch  and Revlon.   There is never more than one person working there at a time.   If you buy a wig somewhere else (the internet, for example), they are willing to thin and style it and help you with it for $35.  This service is free if you buy the wig from them.  It is best to call ahead for an appointment, but it is possible to get help if you walk in and  they aren’t busy with another customer.  Diane is knowledgeable and ready to offer advice on choosing a color.  Prices appear to be  10-20% higher than at the other shops.     347 E. University Parkway, Orem, UT 84058 (801) 224-5070

Creative Wigs & Toupees— 2 locations–one in Sandy and one in Salt Lake.  Visit both locations while you are in the area (as well as Headcovers by Joni)  because they are less than 20 minutes apart.  The Sandy shop is smaller and has a more limited selection than the Salt Lake shop.   The person who helped me at the Sandy shop, Linda, was  willing to steer me away from wigs she thought didn’t work.   The Salt Lake location of Creative Wig was the largest shop I visited.  It was impressive because they had several styling chairs and many, many wigs on display as well as more stock tucked away in the back.  There were at least 3 employees there at the same time when I was there and they stayed busy!  I didn’t get the name of the woman who helped me there.  She seemed  nice initially, but started helping someone else, and then never came back to see how I was doing.  I think she had perhaps (correctly) identified me as a difficult customer:  I’m interested in finding something as close as possible to my own hair color rather than going blond or redheaded just because that’s what they happen to have in stock.  Go figure.  But I was still surprised to be abandoned without any notice.  814E. 9400S. Sandy, UT 84094 (801) 553-0669 and 1124 E. 3300 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84106 (801) 486-4604

Headcovers by Joni–If you visit the Salt Lake location of Creative Wig you should also stop by Headcovers by Joni as they are both on 3300 South in Salt Lake.  It is a fairly small shop, but they have a surprising amount of inventory for their size.  I met three of the people who work there (but not all on the same day–on any given visit there will be only one or two people working).  Joni is the owner.  She is also the most experienced and has a lot of experience styling and thinning wigs.  She does get cranky with people who stay and stay and stay and can’t make up their minds (it wasn’t me!)  Camille, another employee,  also styles and thins the wigs if you purchase one, but she has less experience with wigs (as opposed to regular hair) than Joni.  She is extremely patient.  If you really don’t know what you want and just want to try a whole lot of different pieces, she is a good person to work with.  Unfortunately, her opinions lack credibility because she will tell you that you look great in everything you try on.   Janet is the person to see if you need an opinion.  She doesn’t mind telling you which wig she thinks suits you and which doesn’t work.  However, if you are hoping to find the wig you are looking for and to have it styled and wear it home that very day, Janet doesn’t style wigs, so you need to go on a day when either Camille or Joni will be there.  2286 E. 3300 S. Salt Lake city, UT 84109  (801)467-5665 or 1-866-700-5664 

My favorite so far: Brooke by Jon Renau

General Notes: None of these salons have as much inventory as would be ideal.  If you first shop online and then visit the stores, it will be hard to shake the disappointment.  Unsurprisingly, your choice of both styles and colors is heavily circumscribed.  This is especially true if you are interested in one of the more realistic (and therefore expensive) monofilament top wigs.  Monofilament wigs are desirable because they are lighter weight and more comfortable (less itchy) to wear than other styles.  It is possible to change where the hair is parted and offer a much more natural look.  But apparently the higher price results in  less local demand, so there is less selection available in these types of wigs.  Unfortunately, after comparing the way monofilament wigs looked and felt with the non-mono models, I don’t think I would try a non-mono top wig.     

The local shops are all willing to order in a different color (although they like the idea of you buying out of their  inventory on hand even better!) or possibly even a different style.  However, if you order something in, many of the advantages of buying at a local shop v. the internet (seeing how the wig looks before you buy it, for example) vanish.  It is cheaper to buy from the internet, but then of course you have to add back in the cost of having your wig styled.      

My favorite internet wig sites are Wigs.com, e-wigs.com , and theheadshoponline.com.  Wigs.com is great because they have made videos displaying  many of their wigs and this gives you a much better idea of the wig than just a picture.  E-wigs has fabulous personal service.  If you call their 1-800 number, Marty will answer the phone and take time to answer endless questions and give you his e-mail address in case you have more questions later.   Unfortunately, if you are a Utah resident, e-wigs costs more because of sales tax.   Theheadshoponline.com (be careful typing that or or you will end up at a very different website!) has the best search filters.

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9 thoughts on “Wig Shops–Orem, Sandy, Salt Lake

  1. Hey, next time you’re on 3300 South, you should stop by! A woman who has been wig shopping (more draining than swimsuit shopping, I can only imagine) needs a hug and some hot chocolate, don’t you think? I mean it. I love unexpected visitors.

  2. Liz–I thought maybe we were near you! I always assume that other people are like me–stressed and therefore a little disturbed by surprise visitors (another item to add to my list of character flaws). I will remember for the future that you are not.

    Angela: I absolutely don’t need to buy a wig. I think I have enough hair to squeak by (maybe), and even if I didn’t, who’s going to make me cover my disturbing scalp shininess? I’d like to see somebody try (wait–that’s a lie. Actually I wouldn’t like to see that at all. ) The issue is that I think I might look better with more hair and I’d love to look better. I’m willing to give a wig a try just to see how it goes. I think it’s a risk–it may well be too itchy, hot or uncomfortable or too much of a issue for when I’m cooking (opening the oven can melt synthetic hair!). Or maybe I just won’t be able to find something that looks natural enough to represent an improvement in appearance over my current thinning state. Yep, it’s definitely a risk, but I figure I can always return to the status quo if that ends up seeming preferable. So I think I’d like to try it–assuming that I can find a good style and close complement to my hair color–easier said than done.

  3. I think a wig, especially for more formal occasions, church, business meetings, etc. is a great idea. Also, think about embracing the hat. There are so many wonderful hat options out there right now. Newsboy caps are my favorite, but there are also cute knit caps for winter and sun hats in summer. You have a beautiful face and gorgeous eyes that hats can only help to accentuate. And given the fact that your hair grows length-wise you can style it to flip out from under your hat attractively. There are lots of possibilities. I really admire your attitude and enjoy reading your blog.

  4. You should check out Lynne’s Wig Boutique in American Fork. This store has a huge selection of modern styles and great prices. Loved reading your reviews.

  5. Lindsey: I went to Lynne’s on opening day! I would recommend it also. Lynne has a huge selection and a pleasing personality. Unfortunately, as usual, internet rates beats the shop prices by a mile, but the price premium is probably worth it for the personal service. Unfortunately, Lynne didn’t carry Louis Ferre wigs when I visited, and I haven’t found a style comparable to the Louis Ferre one I currently wear in the other styles. She had some really nice Raquel Welch wigs, but they fit too small for my large head. One size fits all, bah humbug!

  6. Pmom,
    I’m so glad you came into my wig boutique on opening day! I appreciate your kind words in regards to my personality and your recommedation of my store. I have to say it has been an amazing experience to realize my dream, to own and operate my own boutique working along side my beautiful daughters. Although, I don’t carry the Louis Ferre wig line I have expanded my selection since you were in, including several styles in the large cap size as well as some stretch caps. In addition I have a large selection of hats, hairpieces and extensions. Follow us on Facebook for coupons and discounts and check out our website lynneswigboutique.com

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