After a couple of bad previous experiences at Mimi’s Cafe (University Parkway, Orem), I had rated Mimi’s on Urbanspoon as “I don’t like it.”  But I have a sister who is in love with their bacon macaroni dish and when our brother came to town he asked to try the place out. 

I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised.  We had good service and we were all pleased with our food. The out of towners enjoyed the decor.   The prices were reasonable–right around ten dollars.  The big hit of the night was the chicken pot pie which had everyone raving.  It was a thing of beauty!  The Breakfast Ciabatta got a big thumbs up as well, and I enjoyed the turkey dinner (although prepare yourself for some salty stuffing!)  The mashed potatoes were fantastic–creamy and so flavorful.  My sister had the Cordon Bleu and she said that while it was good, she would go back to her other favorites on the menu in the future. 

The entree portions were well-sized–I took half of my turkey dinner home and still felt like I had eaten too much.  However, another in our party said that he expected a larger portion of french fries based on previous visits.  I think the truth is that Mimi’s is inconsistent.  Some of the food is really good, some is not, often you can good service, other times you don’t.    

When I have liked Mimi’s in the past, it always started with their bread.  They know how to do bread!  Remember that if you visit at lunch and would like bread, you must ask for it, they won’t offer.  The bread is really, really good so don’t forget to ask.  We were disappointed that  the amount of bread brought was very stingy for the number of people in our party–barely one piece each.  We had to break the favorite bread–carrot raisin–into pieces so that everyone could get a little taste.  I hope they are offering more bread at dinner, because the carrot raisin bread is really the highlight of Mimi’s for me, but not if I only get one bite! 

All in all, I was pleased to find that Mimi’s was a place I thought I could visit again–especially if I stick to the tried and true on the menu.

Mimi's Cafe on Urbanspoon

5 thoughts on “Mimi’s

  1. I am not a Mimi’s fan, though when I’ve eaten there, I’ve liked the chicken pot pie. The problem is that one serving has 1400 calories, which doesn’t include any bread and butter. And it has has 2400 mg of sodium (more than the highest recommended daily intake) and 87 grams of fat (67 over the recommended amount).

    Something like that occasionally isn’t going to kill a person, or even damage them much, but buyer beware!

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  3. In defense of the health of any and all readers, I must point out that the bacon mac & cheese is something you should only eat once a year. Maybe once every two years. And it still might kill you.

    But it is tasty!

    I recommend ordering the turkey dinner– it is easily 2 meals and it costs less than most dinner entrees.

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